How to Avoid Frauds in Merchant navy

The maritime industry used to be a thriving sector a decade ago. During that time there was a shortage of marine officers. Merchant navy was an isolated profession and not many people were aware of it. Hence there was a high demand for trained seafarers around the world, however, the supply was really less. To combat this problem many shipping companies established their own training institutes in the country and started recruiting hundreds of cadets every year.

Maritime college

During this time there were many unauthorized maritime colleges that opened their gates for aspiring seafarers but could not provide placement after course completion. Every year thousands of aspiring seafarers found themselves jobless after course completion. This gave rise to many scams and fraudulent agents in the Indian maritime sector. 

These fraud agents/companies took advantage of the students who were going through the lowest phase of their lives as they could not find a job even after paying lakhs of rupees to their respective maritime institutes. Today merchant navy is one of the most sought-after professions in the country. However, sadly the job opportunities in this field are not the same as they were a decade ago. The jobs are really fewer while the supply of trained seafarers is really high.  

Frauds in Merchant navy
Frauds in Merchant navy

This is one of the reasons why these fraud agents and colleges still continue to thrive in our country. There are thousands of aspiring seafarers every year who struggle to find a job after course completion. These desperate candidates are willing to pay any amount of money in order to get placed on board ships. However, by getting involved with agents they dig a deeper hole for themselves. In this blog, we are going to list some ways through which you can save yourself from getting robbed by these frauds in merchant navy.                                                                                

1. Choose the Correct Stream/Course 

Choosing the correct stream

If you are planning to join merchant navy you should be well informed about the stream or course through which you are planning to join. Sometimes people who are not that well aware of the maritime sector end up pursuing the wrong course and later regret it when they realise they were eligible for much better courses. Especially candidates from rural areas are tricked into joining GP Rating colleges. They are given affirmations that they will become an officer/captain in 4 – 5 years. 

However, they later realise that the real picture is completely different and it is really difficult and challenging to become an officer through GP Rating. Some of these candidates might even be eligible for Diploma in Nautical Science but due to a lack of awareness and research, they end up joining the wrong course. 

2. Research Well Before Joining Any College

Research Well Before Joining Any College

Make sure you carry out proper and detailed research before making up your mind to join any maritime college or institute. Joining the correct college/company is the most important step towards a successful career at sea. If you get selected by an above-average shipping company/college then there is no looking back and your transition from college to working onboard ships will be very smooth and hassle-free. 

Therefore, carry out thorough research about the placement record of the maritime college you are planning to join. You can get the best idea by interacting with the students currently studying in that particular college. 

Always remember that the maritime institutes and the courses must be DG Shipping and Indian Maritime University approved.    

3. Avoid Agents/Agencies 

Avoid Agents/Agencies to avoid frauds in merchant navy

As mentioned earlier try to get selected by an above-average shipping company or maritime institute so that you never have to rely on an agent for providing you with a job. Try to avoid getting involved with agents as they will only rob you of your family’s hard-earned money without providing a proper job. They are one of the biggest frauds in merchant navy. In case you are struggling to find a job and there is no other option other than approaching an agent, make sure that the agent has a genuine RPS license. Before joining a shipping company check that it is RPSL (Recruitment Placement Services License) approved. 

Although, we would not recommend you to get involved even with an RPSL-approved agency or agent. Even they can cheat candidates just for the sake of money. According to the Maritime Labour Convention Act and DG Shipping, a candidate cannot be charged for onboard training from a company or agency.  

4. Follow the Proper Procedure for Joining Merchant Navy 

Follow the Proper Procedure for Joining Merchant Navy to avoid frauds in merchant navy 

Do not look for any shortcuts to join Merchant Navy. Follow the proper procedure to pursue the respective course. Appear for IMUCET and try to get as good a rank as possible in case you want to opt Diploma in Nautical Science, BSc in Nautical Science, B.tech in Marine Engineering, etc. Work on your communication skills and technical knowledge and try to get sponsored by a good shipping company. Always remember that colleges that do not care about the placement of their students usually have really low standards for their eligibility criteria. Hence try to get into the best maritime colleges in the country which are very selective in their admission procedure.                       

5. Do Not Trust Random Websites

Do Not Trust Random Websites to avoid frauds in merchant navy

If you search on any search engine for how to join merchant navy, your result page will be filled with advertisements of random maritime colleges around the country promising 100% placement. They will use really catchy lines such as “Join now to earn 100,000 Rs per month onboard ship.”. You might even find pamphlets or brochures of such advertisements in stationery shops. Always remember that reputed colleges/institutes never advertise themselves. Think before you get influenced by these fake promises offered by random websites which are usually run by the frauds in merchant navy. 

It is really very important to start your journey in Merchant navy with the right shipping company. It provides you the platform to pursue a successful career at sea. On the other hand, joining the wrong company or getting involved with fraud agents can ruin your prospects of pursuing a career at sea. Therefore, you need to be really cautious and careful before making up your mind to join any maritime college/institute. 

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

Alexander Pope

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Sunny prakash

I am joining meri kolkata
It is the best

Praneet Mehta

sunny prakash, MERI Kolkata is the best college for Btech marine engineering.

– Team merchant navy decoded

Sai Varma

Which academy was best in placement

Praneet Mehta

Hi sai, here you can read about the best colleges for merchant navy in India.

and if you want to know the top colleges for GP Rating in India, then go through this blog.

-Team merchant navy decoded