How to apply for Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement(DCE)?


  • This Blog is focused on providing a comprehensive guide about the Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate
  • We will talk about various important aspects including Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Fees, Processes, Advanced DC Endorsement renewal, STCW Courses to be done, Documents required to apply for Advanced DC Endorsement, etc

1. What is an Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement?

  • Endorsement refers to the declaration of support or approval for someone or something.
  • In simple words, a Dangerous Cargo Endorsement(DCE) is a certification or authorization allowing Merchant Navy Professionals to work onboard Vessels that carry goods classified as Marine Dangerous Goods according to the IMDG Code.
  • The Term ‘Advanced’ means that this Endorsement certificate applies to Merchant Navy Professionals who have received advanced training and have served some sea-time at sea.
  • In some countries, Dangerous Goods may also be referred to as Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT).
  • A seafarer’s home country’s government issues the DC Endorsement for handling hazardous cargo.
  • The  Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate is valid for 5 Years after which it has to be renewed.

2. What Kind of Ships Require a Dangerous Cargo Endorsement

Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement

The IMDG Code has Classified Dangerous Goods into 9 Classes. This has been done for the proper Handling, Packaging, stowage, and labeling of such goods.

As previously mentioned, any ship that carries cargo classified as dangerous goods, under the IMDG Code, is required to have all of its crew carry a Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate

The Following Ships require their crew to carry an Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate under international regulations:

Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement

  1. For Oil Tankers
  2. For Chemical tankers
  3. For Gas Tankers

3. Who Needs an Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate and Why?

The Following Merchant Navy Personnel are required to have an Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement certificate:

All Deck Officers, All Engine Officers,  Master.

Crew and Ratings need to carry a Basic DC Endorsement Certificate

In short, Everybody working onboard an Oil/Chemical/Gas tanker needs to have a Dangerous Cargo Endorsement done.

If you want to learn more about DCE or other maritime-related information you can check out our free DG Shipping Guidance Series and get to know more about necessary documents for seafarers.

DG Shipping Guidance Series

4. Importance of Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate:

  1.  Regulatory Compliance: A dangerous cargo certificate confirms a seafarer’s competence in managing maritime dangerous goods in compliance with IMO regulations, ensuring safety and smooth sailing in international waters.
  2. Familiarization with Dangerous Goods Operation: No matter the rank, the DC Endorsement Certificate ensures that 
  3. Emergency Preparedness: Seafarers have to undergo training related to dangerous goods according to the rules established by the administration. Proper Training makes sure that they are ready to tackle an emergency related to Dangerous Goods
  4. Enhanced Reputation: For the Seafarer and the Shipping Company, a good reputation means business. When a Ship and its crew show good competence related to Dangerous Cargo Handling, it enhances both party’s reputation
  5. Increased Opportunities: A dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate adds to a Seafarer’s Skillset and also increases their employability.

5. Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Eligibility

  • Candidate should have a Certificate of Competency at Management or Operational Level.
  • Candidate should have completed the Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) course.
  • Candidate should have completed a specialized training program on oil/chemical/ Liquified Gas Tanker
  • 3 Months Experience at the operational level


  • 6 Months Experience at trainee officer level for the specific type of Tanker applied for in the last 60 Months (5 Years).

6. STCW Courses Required for Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement

Sr. No.TypeCourse Name
1STCW Modular CoursesAdvanced Fire FightingRefresher AFF (If Applicable)
2Oil TankerSimulator Liquid Cargo Handling- Oil- Management Level (LCHS)Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations(TASCO)
3Chemical TankerAdvanced Training for Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations(CHEMCO)
4Liquified Gas TankerAdvanced Training for Gas Tanker Cargo Operations(GASCO)

7. Advanced Dangerous Cargo  Endorsement(DCE) Fees:

Sr No.Type of DCEDC Endorsement Fees
1DC Endorsement for Advanced Level II- renewal₹4500
2DC Endorsement for Advanced (Level II)- Fresh Application₹4500

8. How to apply Advanced Dangerous Cargo Endorsement:

Step 1: Go to DG Shipping Website -> E-Governance

How to apply for advanced DCE

Step 2: Log in with your User ID and Password

Step 3: Under the ‘Seafarer’ section, Click on ‘DC Endorsement GMDSS Radio Operator’

Step 4: Click on ‘Application for DC Endorsement for Advanced ( Level II )’

Step 5: Check and Fill in the necessary details

This step is crucial as any mistake in filling up of details can result in the rejection of the application. 

Step 6: Click on ‘Generate Application No.’

The following Documents should be readily available for uploading the specified Format:

  1. Scan copy of the signed online application
  2. Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photographs with clear white background face covering 70%
  3. Scanned signature of seafarer
  4. Scanned Modular Course certificates in one PDF file
  5. Certificate from the company should mention the name of the Oil, Chemical,Gas cargo carried along with their grade
  6. Self-attested scanned copies of CDC booklet pages showing relevant sea services.
  7. Scanned Copy of Existing 

Step 7: Pay Fees and Print Acknowledgement:

advanced dangerous cargo certificate

Step 8: Press ‘Home’ on the topmost right-hand corner and click on ‘DC Endorsement GMDSS Radio Operator’

Step 9: Click on Pay ‘CoC & CoP Fees. Upload Documents and View Status’

advanced DCE

Step 10: Under the ‘Document Upload Status’ Column, Click on ‘Upload Documents’

The Documents need to be uploaded in the exact format as mentioned.

To download the application, click on view under View submitted data. Download and Digitally Sign it using Adobe Acrobat. This is your signed application form.

advanced DCE

Step 11: Continuously Check the Status by clicking on the ‘CoC & CoP Fees. Upload Documents and View Status’

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