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VISIONARY (LIVE Engine Room Rounds and Animated videos with Tutorials on Ship)

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Last updated on April 4th, 2023 at 02:06 pm

After Dreamers Package, what next?
Well, Dreamers Package was a basic knowledge package. It aimed at building a basic FOUNDATION and now let us build a tall STRUCTURE on the strong foundation laid earlier by the Dreamers Package with the help of VISIONARY PACKAGE.

In the Visionary Package, you will have Tutorials by Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta on Ship, explaining each concept with WHY? Then he has gone further taking LIVE Engine room round and explaining each and every part in detail. He has not stopped there and wherever he felt the need, he has added ANIMATED videos for better understanding.

Dreamers Package was the THEORY, which is the first basic step to learning. Now Visionary Package is one step ahead adding VISUALS to make it a better experience for students who want to learn and grow.

We hope that Engine Room rounds, tutorials on Ship, and Animated videos will just give a different feel to students who are eager to learn and they will surely do so much better in College and on Ship.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Getting PLACEMENT for marine engineering students. Getting SPONSORSHIP for GME students. Clearing MEO Class IV and most importantly EARNING RESPECT ON SHIP.

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You will get to know all about Filters. Not just the theoretical part but a Live Engine Room round as well. As a Visionary you will be dealing with Filters on your first Ship.

This topic will cover not just all the theory that you need to know about Valves focusing mainly on practical Engine room knowledge but along with that a detailed Engine room round and two case studies in details, for a Globe Valve and a Butterfly valve.

This topic will focus on some important videos that cover lubricants like Grease , WD 40 , Molykote, Thread seal, Devcon Putty and so on.

Manometers are very critical equipment fitted onboard Ship. They are fitted on ME Air Coolers , Turbochargers , Exhaust Gas Boilers for knowing the differential pressure across the equipment.

Pressure gauges play one of the most important role onboard Ship. The place they are fitted , what kind of pressure gauges are fitted and how to read and order them , matter the most. These videos will answer all your queries.

Pumps play one of the most important role onboard Ships. There are various kinds of pumps fitted , depending upon a particular purpose to fulfill. This section will clear all the basic concepts and even the automation part of the pumps as well.

Engine Room round is one of the most important part of any Marine Engineer , let us know , how to take the round and what all factors are really important to look into.

Line diagram is the most important aspect for any engineer.

Don't forget to watch till the end, a special message by CE Praneet for all the Visionaries.

A very important part of safety onboard Ship from Fire.

Fixed Fire Fighting System (CO2 SYSTEM) is a very important system from the perspective of safety onboard Ship. If there is a fire in Engine Room and it gets uncontrollable then you need to extinguish it using FIXED FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM , else the Ship will sink and we all can die.

Leakages on Ship can have disastrous consequences if not looked into and the biggest problem is identifying a leak at times , this video is made especially to cover this topic.

A topic concerned with safety onboard Ship , a lot of accidents have happened where FIRE has taken place on Ship and lives have been lost because of HOT SPOTS onboard Ship , especially in Engine Room . With this video , we will get a very good idea about the HOT SPOTS.

This video is very informative as it will cover all the basic things that we need to know regarding types of fire and types of portable extinguishers used and why ?

In this video we are going to take a Life Boat Round and try to learn as much as possible about one of the most important machinery onboard Ship, which is designed for our safety.

What are we trying to rescue here? What is a Rescue Boat? What does a Rescue Boat look like and how does it work? Along with these questions, there are going to be a lot of other questions coming to your mind, please watch this video and get them answered.

Another Fixed Fire fighting system fitted onboard Ship which focuses on important machinery which are prone to fire like Main Engine, Auxiliary Engines, Purifier, Incinerator, and Boilers.

One of the most important aspects of safety onboard Ship. A very important video to understand how safety measures work on Ship.

This video is very important to understand the concept of Emergency Bilge Suction and how it works. What are the points to remember about Emergency Bilge Suction Valve.

Again a very important aspect of safety on board Ship. In this video, you will learn about the purpose of Emergency Stops on board Ships. Why emergency stops are fitted onboard Ship? How do use these stops for our safety on Ship as well? Most importantly a LIVE DEMO awaits.

In our day to day lives we use directions like Left, Right, Up, Down, Forward and Backwards but on Ship the way we represent directions completely changes. So watch this video to remove that confusion today itself. Moreover, how we number a machinery onboard Ship is equally important and explained in this video.

Saturdays on Ship are meant for checking Emergency equipment and machinery for our own safety. Important equipment that is used in Emergency like Emergency Fire Pump, Emergency Generator, Emergency Steering, Blower Flaps, and Funnel Flaps are tried out on weekly basis.

Quick Closing Valves are of utmost importance onboard Ship. They can prevent a Ship from sinking or save lives onboard a Ship, now how they do that, we need to watch the videos and make our own notes.

Another important aspect of safety on board Ship. One needs to understand the importance of wearing a safety harness, when to wear a safety harness and how to work wearing a safety harness on board Ship.

There are two kinds of Ships these days, Manned ships and Unmanned Ships. Manned Ships are those where the Engine Room is manned all 24 hours and Unmanned Ships are those, where the Engine Room is unmanned at night. The duties of watchkeeping engineers in these two kinds of Ships are clearly explained and with LIVE DEMO the purpose of the Unmanned Engine Room, What is Engineer's call alarm, what is Dead Man Alarm system is discussed in this video in detail.

Alarm Monitoring System is the heart of the Engine Room and if an engineer understands this system then life becomes easy on Ship, especially when it comes to troubleshooting.

This is one of the most important equipment fitted onboard Ship. If all the Generators fail then Emergency Generator takes up the responsibility of lighting up the Ship and also giving supply to emergency equipment , so that we can restore power. Each and every video in this topic is very important and a must watch.

This section covers a SMOKE TUBE BOILER fitted on a Bulk Carrier. A lot of videos regarding explaining the complete Boiler system, Boiler water testing, Boiler alarms and trips, Theory on Boilers will be explained in the simplest of concepts.



In this topic we have tried to cover mostly all the important aspects related to Sewage Treatment Plant, why used onboard Ship, what are the chemical testing that needs to be carried out , a great ANIMATION video just to clear the doubts if any remaining in the students mind, all about Grey water and Black water. Lastly a few common troubleshooting that are very important to be known.






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3 weeks ago
Hello everyone, my name is Pratap,I am preparing for GME and I got this package few months back. I have gone through the videos which are very good as it is helping me to clear my basics. I would just like to say one thing that please add some videos on Marpol annexes as in IMS Goa interview they were asking questions regarding those. Then this package will be 100% complete. This package already has good practical knowledge.
3 weeks ago
Hello everyone my name is Bithil and I am going to share my review on Visionary package. Currently I am working in a company as a Project Manager. I have done my Marine Engineering from Maharastra Academy of Naval Education and Training and got college placement to shore job. From the starting itself I was following Praneet Sir, I got the package in 2021. The package is a very good one as it cleared all my basics and has good practical knowledge.
Akhil Jith K S
3 weeks ago
Hello everyone my name is Akhil I want to share my experience of Visionary package with you all which is a positive one. All the topics that are covered in the package are very use full as it must to know to get knowledge of all other machines. I can recommend the package easily to all the mariners and also to all the merchant navy aspirants this package is a must. The pumps part is the best part of the package.
3 weeks ago
Hello everyone my name is Jairus Fernendes and I got the package few months ago. After completing the package I can say one thing that the Visionary package is an excellent one. It had helped me a lot to clear all my basics and got a good practical knowledge. Praneet Sir’s teaching style is one of the best, he explains everything in a very good way which makes it very easy to understand.
4 weeks ago
Hello everyone, I have completed the Visionary package and I liked the package as it gave me a very good practical knowledge which were very helpful because when in college it’s hard to get a good practical view inside the ship. I also liked Praneet Sir’s explanation as he first explains the theory part then shows the machineries, it gave me a clear idea of the ship.
1 month ago
Hello everyone I am doing B.tech in Marine Engineering form MANET in Pune. I just one to say that this Visionary package has helped me a lot as it gave me a good practical knowledge. AS in college whenever any topic is discussed I directly come and refer to the package, its nice that Praneet sir has explained a little bit of theory part to before the practical videos. Sir’s explanation is on another level and to get videos related to ship engine is very good as I am yet to join my first ship.
1 month ago
The package covered all the basics of marine engineering and I found the practical rounds to be especially helpful. It was great to see the actual working of the machineries inside a ship and how they are maintained. The package provided me with a good idea of how the work is done and how the machines onboard work.
1 month ago
Hi I am salmaan here to share my review of visionary package. When I prepare for my GME exam I bought this package for preparing myself. This is a very good package for me to clearing basic of marine engineering machineries with practical. In this package praneet sir explain every important machineries on board ship. This package is a fabulous package.thank you sir.
1 month ago
Hi, I am Albin here to share my review of the visionary package. this package is a very good package. in this package, praneet sir explains every important machinery on board ship and really explain very well. I understand everything very easily with the help of this package.I recommend everyone to go through this package. thank you, sir.
2 months ago
This package is focused more on the practical side of things and the working of the machineries inside the ship are done over here. Even though this package does not go in depth into all of the machinery inside the ship I feel that it is more than enough for students of marine engineering to supplement what they are learning from their college. He has covered incinerators and boiler systems very well in this package.
2 months ago
The practical rounds are what I liked the most about these videos. I am currently on my waiting period and will be joining my first ship this month. So this package has actually helped me a lot to understand about the practical working of the machines inside a ship. Going through and learning from this package has helped to increase my confidence in my abilities while i board the ship.
tara chandu
2 months ago
Hi, I am Tara Chandu here to share my positive review of visionary package. I am pursuing my GME from AEMA. This package is a very good study material for GME aspirants and marine engineers also. In this package, Praneet sir explains every onboard machinery practical video that is very easy to understand. In this package, every topic elaborates very well. I recommend every marine engineer go through this package. thank you praneet sir.
2 months ago
Hi, I am Stenio here to share my review of the visionary package. this is very good study material for practical knowledge. In this package, Praneet sir explains every topic very simply with an example of a live engine room round and every onboard machinery. This package helps me a lot to understand every important machinery mechanism. This package helps me a lot on my first ships. I passed my GME course from IMS GOA. Now I am placed in V SHIPS. Thank you, Praneet, sir.
2 months ago
Hi I am Umesh here to share my review of the visionary package. This package is fabulous package. in this package, I cleared my doubt and understand many concepts of real machinery. In this package praneet sir explain every important machinery on board ship. From this package, I understand every machinery mechanism and where it is fitted on board the ship. This package is valuable package for every marine engineer. I recommend everyone to go through this package. thank you sir.
Surya G
2 months ago
Hi I am surya here to share my review of visionary package. this package is a very helpful package for me. When I am in college I bought this package and start study. From this package I cleared my engineering practical concept. in this package praneet sir explain every on board machinery in ship. This is very easy to understand. Thank you sir for making this type of package for us. I suggested every one to go through this package.
2 months ago
I have only completed 5 topics inside the visionary package by now so this is not a complete review. I feel this package is just as good as the dreamer package to gain the knowledge about the machineries used inside a ship. There are live engine room rounds along with the theory classes which I would say is the highlight of this package as we don't get this anywhere else.
2 months ago
Hi I am jatin here to share my experience of the visionary package. this package is a fantastic study program that can help me to prepare for GME entrance exam and interview IN GREAT EASTERN. After completing of my dreamer package gone through this package that helps him to relate with theory and clear my vision of every marine part. In this package pranet sir explain every machinery and engine room round on board ship. That helps me a lot. I recommend everyone pls go through this package. Thank you praneet sir.
2 months ago
Out of all the packages available, I strongly believe that the Visionary package stands out as the best. Praneet Sir's explanations are particularly noteworthy, especially regarding pumps and oily water separator, as I had numerous uncertainties regarding this topics which were previously unresolved. The package's blend of practical and theoretical aspects is what truly sets it apart. I cannot emphasize enough how much I recommend this package, and I firmly believe that it is a must-have resource for anyone preparing to join a ship, as it proved to be immensely helpful for me.
2 months ago
I am happy to share my positive review of Visionary package, the package is very good as it helped me to crack my GME exam of Great Eastern. The package is an excellent resource for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge of marine engineering. This package played a vital role in my selection at Great Eastern. One of the most remarkable aspects of this package is the engine room rounds conducted by Praneet Sir. These engine room rounds were presented in a very good and comprehensible manner, which served as an excellent supplement to the theoretical knowledge offered in the package.
2 months ago
I'm delighted to share that my experience with the Visionary package has been fantastic and helped me get placed in Valles Steamship Company Limited. Having completed 60% of the package, I can confidently say that the live engine room rounds have provided me with a unique and insightful perspective that will undoubtedly serve me well in my first ship. As I prepare to join my first ship next month, I am making the most of my waiting period by using the Visionary package to further enhance my knowledge and skills. The practical training and comprehensive content have been invaluable, and I'm confident that they will help me excel in my upcoming endeavours in my ship