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Hi friends, Aurvin Singh here, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I graduated from MERI (formerly DMET as you may know) in the year 2009 and since then I served in many companies in various ranks to become Chief Engineer. I have mostlyworkedon Oil takers, chemical tankers and Bulk Carriers; also worked for short time on container ship and Passenger vessels. I started my carrier with Mitsui OSK lines and then moved Anglo eastern and various others including Fleet Management. After almost One Year as Chief Engineer I went onto become superintendent on shore. I retired as Senior Engineering faculty in 2021 from Anglo eastern after working foralmost 6 years with them onshore and recently joined as Subject Matter Expert with a reputed company serving the shipping industry. Teaching and knowledge sharing for me is like a hobby. I feel that what we lack is in this industry is correct and updated ship specific knowledge. My advice to you aspirants is that in this fast changing marine industry, it becomes really imperative that we must keep ourselves updated and well trained to cope up with the competition. I also do believe that if you know you job well, you are also safe in hazardous environment you are required to work in sometimes. Best of luck and make your family and country proud!!! Thank you!!
Private: 21 Days Electrical Workshop
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