Common Mistakes made by GME Aspirants

Knowledge is Power. We have heard this quite often but have we tried to implement it in our lives?

Making mistakes is humankind’s ‘Dharma’ but so is not repeating them.

In this Blog, we are going to discuss some of the common Mistakes made by GME aspirants and provide solutions to them

Take the right steps:

Taking the right steps for GME course

The very initial steps that you can take toward your journey as a GME Aspirants are crucial. They can either Break you or Make You.

GME Excellence

The very first step you can take in this direction is to join a GME Excellence Course, which will help you clear your exam and ace your interviews.

You must move wisely and be well-informed which you will be through this course. Here are some key points that you should definitely consider before you begin your journey.

Choosing the right college/company

Best Colleges for GME Course.
  • You can take the help of our blog on the list of top GME colleges, to get selected in the top colleges in India.
  • Make sure that you join an institute with a sponsorship from a reputable company or join a college with a good placement record.

Here is a list of top institutes that we recommend and in the specific order of ranking as mentioned in the list:

1Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy(AEMA)Good Facilities and training
Anglo-Eastern is a very good ship Management Company
2IMS, GoaProvides good Placement Opportunities
Good Facilities
3Great-Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies(GEIMS)They have offshore vessels, Try always to get into the main Fleet
Payment is in Indian Rupees Smaller Shipping Company
The waiting period may be higher
4Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies(SIMS)Good Infrastructure
High Waiting Period(around 1 Year)
5SCI-MTISalary is in Indian Rupees
Waiting Period is high
6IMI, Noida (with MSC Sponsorship)Join only with a sponsorship

NOTE: Aim for the top 3 colleges as mentioned in the list 

Know the Company Well

how to choose good shipping company


Before accepting sponsorship from any company, you must know if the company is well-reputed and good for you in the long run. 

Here are a few questions that should have promising answers for a company to be considered a good one

  • How many ships does the company own?
  • Is the fleet diversified?
  • Does it have a valid RPSL/ ITF License?
  • How big are the ships? The company should not have very small ships. For example – 3000 GRT
  • Does it have a good reputation among employees? 

Talk to employees via Linkedin to gather more information. You will generally get the required idea about the company.

  • Does it follow a good safety culture?

Follow a proper strategy 

  • The major reason why people fail their GME Entrance Exams and  GME Sponsorship interviews is because they do not follow a proper strategy.
  • Beating about the bush will not get you anywhere and will only waste your time
  • So, you must follow a methodical and organized plan to help you ace your exams and interviews.
  • To learn more about strategies and tips:
best tips to clear gme interview 2023


how to ace your gme exam


Do not change your Aim

Goals of a GME aspirant

Have you ever seen an olympian Archer? They have one job- to hit the bull’s eye.

Whenever we fail, we tend to look for easier alternatives. 

We have already done half of the job for you and provided the only list of institutes that you would need.

We have asked you to aim for the top 3 as they might be the best for you in the long run.

But in case things don’t turn out the way they should, do not fall prey to your emotions and choose a pathway that is not recommended.

What may look easy now, will turn out to be a nightmare for you in the future. So, it’s better that you achieve your desired dreams the hard way.

Improvise and Adapt

improve adapt overcome

There are times in our lives when it seems that we have hit a dead end.

In your journey to becoming a successful Marine Engineer, you may reach a dead-end when nothing seems to work.

You may have tried a couple of times to get sponsored but failed. Have you ever wondered Why?

You might be repeating the same strategy that failed you in the Past.

In that case, make sure you improvise your strategy and adapt to the current scenario.

You may use the following steps:

  • Analyze what went wrong the last time
  • Do not settle for anything that is not recommended in this blog
  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Make an organized and structured plan for your preparation.
  • Constantly Monitor your Progress
  • Take it slow and do not overburn yourself.

There are no Shortcuts

no shortcuts to the Gme course

When it comes to having a bright career in the merchant navy, there are no shortcuts. Be on high alert when you sense that someone is trying to make things easier for you by promising you something that they can provide no proof of.

Avoid the following to be on the safer side:

  1. Do not join an institute without verifying the placement stats.
  2. If you have a sponsorship, always verify the company and its whereabouts. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions
  3. If you are joining an institute without sponsorship but with a good placement record, be prepared to work hard for a job. It’s not going to come easy.
  4. Do not listen to fake promises. It is your right ask for established statistics
  5. Most reputable companies do not charge money for a placement. Beware if someone is doing it.

Make sure you cross-check the manning agency here: CLICK HERE!   

What Else should you do?

Improve your Technical Knowledge.

  • In most of your interviews and entrance tests, Technical Knowledge is what is of primary importance
  • Make sure you have the proper guidance, books, materials, and mentality while preparing

Improve your Spoken English

  • It is a widely accepted and known fact that the way you speak English is essential for you to get selected for a good shipping company
  • If you have trouble speaking English, remember that you do not have to speak like Shashi Tharoor. 
  • Your Spoken English should be at a level where your thoughts are clearly understood.

Learn to Sell Yourself

  • Understand that you have to learn the art of selling yourself.
  • Getting Hired is nothing but portraying yourself to be the one who can bring about positive qualities and a correct mindset that would benefit the organization in the long run.
  • Understand that you are typically an investment for the company and they will always have certain expectations of you.
  • Visit our YouTube channel for regular GME preparation tips: Merchant Navy Decoded


In this blog, we have focused more on the solutions than the problems because that is what we need. 

After reading this blog, you should have a fair idea about some of the common mistakes that you should avoid in your preparation journey.

They say ‘‘A calm sea never made a skilled sailor’’. So, be prepared to handle hurdles that come along the way and calmly navigate the rough waves.

Always remember the reason why you started in the first place and you are good to go.

Let’s Sail in friendly Seas

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