Tips to Clear GME Interview


  • The most important aspect of a GME candidate who’s joining a college is whether or not he/she has a Sponsorship from a reputed company.
  • In this Blog, we will discuss all the important aspects that are to be kept in mind while appearing for an interview with some top shipping companies and discuss the strategies to help you easily succeed in your GME interview.

Top Colleges/Companies for GME Sponsorship

  • Here is a list of our recommendations for the top GME colleges/companies for Sponsorship.
Best companies and colleges for GME

Visit the Company/College Websites Here:

Anglo-Eastern Ship ManagementAnglo-Eastern GME
Synergy Marine GroupSYNERGY GME
Executive Ship Management(SIMS)SIMS GME
Great Eastern Institute of Maritime StudiesGEIMS GME

Understanding GME Sponsorship Interviews

What does a typical GME interview Look like?

We have divided the interview into 3 parts that are to be prepared separately:

A. The First Impression:

We all know the saying  ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’. As already mentioned, if you provide a good first impression, your job is 10% done.

Make sure you follow these guidelines when you are just about to enter the interviewer’s office:

  1. Dress Professionally and make sure you have a clean and tidy appearance.
  2. Always carry a professional folder with all the necessary documents.
  3. Have a positive mindset and always have a smile on your face. Do not smile too much to look creepy!
  4. Study interview etiquette and follow them throughout the interview.
  5. Lastly, I know it’s difficult to do, try to shake off your nervousness. It can often be a deal breaker.
  6. Always remember you are being interviewed to be a future Marine Engineer. Do not forget to act like one. 

NOTE: A sloppy first impression can lose you the job. 

B. Non-Technical Part:

Person smiling at the interview

Most of us tend to overlook this area of an interview. You can be very technically sound but your answers to the non-technical questions may sabotage the chance. We tend not to give importance to this section as the questions seem very easy and normal. 

Understand that it seems normal to your competitors as well. 

I suggest that you always assume that your competitors are preparing for the worst and are way ahead of you. This works wonders as your mind does not have a dead end then and you can prepare as much as you want. 

Some of the most common Non-Technical questions in a GME interview are as follows:

  1. Tell me about Yourself
  2. Why Merchant Navy?
  3. What do you know about our Company?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. Why should we Hire you?
  6. How are you better than the rest of the people?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5/10/15 years?
  8. Tell us about your family.
  9. Are you a single child? How did your parents allow you to join the Merchant Navy?
  10.  Why are you doing a job if you want to join the Merchant Navy?
  11. What are you going to do if there is an emergency at home while you are onboard?
  12. Why Merchant Navy Jobs are Highly Paid?
  13. Why didn’t you join your Father’s profession?
  14. What is Diversity and Inclusion?
  15.  What do you do to relieve stress?

C. Technical Part

  • This is the true test of your knowledge and understanding. There is no fixed way to prepare for it. 
  • Different Companies have different Syllabuses. It is advised that you visit each company’s website and write down the syllabus.
  • Some subjects are bound to overlap. Prepare them first. After this, you can do specific preparation for specific companies.
  • Some prominent technical questions are:-
Anglo-EasternSynergySIMS (ESM)
1. Name some countries in South America

2. Name some rivers outside India

3. Explain a Marine Exhaust Boiler.

4. What is Young’s Modulus?

5. How is the pressure generated at the discharge
side of the Centrifugal Pump?

6.Compressor Safeties

7.Temperature in Evaporator and Condenser

8.Temperature for R134a in Evaporator.
The difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke Engines

Questions related to previous work experiences

Centrifugal Pump and it’s working

Classification of Pumps.

What type of Fuel is Used in a Ship?

What is Meta Centre?

What is the Centre of Gravity?

How does Lubrication Occur in 2 and 4-stroke Engine?

Some Engine Names Used on Ships
Where is the HQ of ISRO Located?

Who is the current Chairman of ISRO?

Can you Name some European Countries?

Can you Name some European Countries?

What is the purpose of Gears in Cars?

Elaborate on the use of a Nozzle

Explain your final Year Project

Explain RAC cycle

Explain the components of a VCRS

Function of Piston Rings in Engines

To view other questions, visit our Instagram Page here: Click Here

D. General Knowledge:

GK is something that you should always focus on. You should have a balanced focus on Gk and try to gather related information daily. You never know what comes in handy during your GME interview.

Some topics to Focus on:

  1. Current Affairs
  2. Shipping News- Accidents, New Innovations and Technologies.
  3. Basic Geography- Countries, Capitals & Continents
  4. Straits, Channels & Canals 

My Advice – Learn from Mistakes!

  1. Always study the Interviewer and the Company.
  • You must exactly know what the company or interviewer is looking for.
  • One company might focus more on technical knowledge while the other may focus more on your H.R. abilities.
  • Visit the company website and also try to talk to some present employees to know something more than what’s on the website
  • Analyze and Adjust!
  1. Focus on your Mindset
  • Whatever you think will be indeed reflected in your interview.
  • A positive and happy mind can reflect a positive personality. Sometimes, this becomes a deciding factor for some.
  1. Take a 2nd Opinion
  • You may think that your answers are perfect but in reality, they might not be so.
  • Getting an external opinion is a very helpful practice that might help you troubleshoot your shortcomings
  • A professional opinion could also go a long way.
  1. Specifically, Practice GME Interview Questions
  • When you are done with your preparation, pick up some previously asked interview questions 
  • Conduct self-interviews
  • Simulate an interview office and try to practice as many questions as possible.
  • I suggest you film yourself while you conduct a self-interview
  1. Prepare Your HR questions!!
  • Please understand that it is fine if you can’t answer a few technical questions.
  • Place equal emphasis on HR questions as you do on technical ones.
  • Make sure you write them down in a notebook and not memorize them.

All of these practices will bear fruit when you work on yourself and give regular mock tests


In Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) sponsorship, the path to success has grown increasingly challenging over time. 

The maritime industry’s fierce competition and the limited availability of sponsorship opportunities demand not only a strong technical foundation but also the cultivation of a compelling professional personality that catches the eye of esteemed shipping companies.

However, there is a clear and practical way forward in the face of these challenges. By approaching the GME sponsorship interview process with the right attitude, thorough preparation, and focused guidance, you can confidently pursue your dreams.

We hope that this blog has been able to help you out to some positive extent.

Check out our Sponsorship oriented courses:

  GME Excellence Package


1. What is a GME sponsorship interview?

A GME sponsorship interview is an integral part of the application process for Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs. It is almost the final stage of your selection process where you are interviewed rigorously and 

2. How can I secure a GME sponsorship interview with a top college or company?

You need to understand what is the interview all about. Prepare technical Questions thoroughly, prepare H.R. questions properly, and also have a positive mindset. Only then will it be reflected in your interview.

3. What are the typical eligibility criteria for GME sponsorship?

 Various sponsorship companies can have different eligibility criteria. In general, you can visit the DG Shipping website to learn more about GME Eligibility Criteria: Eligibility criteria.

4.  What kind of questions can I expect during a GME sponsorship interview?

 You can expect a mix of technical questions related to your specialty, as well as behavioral and situational questions that assess your problem-solving skills and interpersonal abilities.

5. What should I bring to a GME sponsorship interview?

You should carry a professional Folder that will contain all of your necessary documents, including, your CV, Cover Letter, Government Documents, personal preparation files, passport-size photos, Marksheets, or any other required documents as specified by the company.

Author-Anurag Chakraborty

– B.Sc Nautical Science IMU Chennai

Disclaimer :- The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Merchant Navy Decoded. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and disclaim any responsibility for it. Data and visuals used are sourced from publicly available information and may not be authenticated by any regulatory body. Reviews and comments appearing on our blogs represent the opinions of individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Merchant Navy Decoded. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on these reviews or comments.

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