Who we are ? We are problem solvers. The biggest problem that a mariner or an aspiring mariner faces today is , what they are taught in College is obsolete today and when they are on Ship , they do not find at times seniors who can train them well. “Knowledge is power on Ship” ,so through the platform Merchant Navy Decoded , we aim at getting the best Maritime Trainers from the Country and create an environment where seafarers understand the importance of learning. They get the best content that is relatable to the today’s Maritime Industry.

They become the best troubleshooters and most importantly future maritime leaders. This platform is like a FAMILY with only to aim learn , grow and evolve together.

No doubt there are some good leaders who train their juniors well , they have the requisite knowledge as well but the number is very low. There are also a lot of companies who spend a lot of money on training of their employees but there are still many who do not get the requisite training as well.

With this platform we aim at building the basic concepts of every seafarer, providing them the best possible maritime content at enormously low price and most importantly these videos can be accessed from any where anytime , just need good internet. Today thousands of seafarers and aspiring mariners are reaping the benefits of this platform to get selected in a good shipping company, clearing COC exams , getting faster promotions but what satisfies us , is when they tell that they have “EARNED RESPECT ON SHIP”.


To be HONEST, while guiding people.

To be FEARLESS when creating a transparent World

To take any possible INITIATIVE in creating a proud and unified marine community.

Merchant Navy


To create a proud and unified Marine community where transparency and right guidance is easily available.