Praneet Kumar Mehta

Chief Engineer

Praneet has done B.E Marine Engineer from M.E.R.I Kolkata where he was selected based on his IIT Mains Rank in 2004. He has sailed in Shipping Companies like Seaarland Ship Management, British Petroleum, and Anglo Eastern Ship Management.

With over a decade of experience in the Shipping Industry, he decided to bring his experience into mentoring students and getting them selected in World’s top Shipping Companies. Presently he is a Chief Engineer in one of the World’s most reputed Shipping Companies. He is one of the founders/directors of JMDi Academy.

With Merchant Navy Decoded, Praneet wants to realize his distant dream of mentoring young marine engineers with not just enhancing their technical skills but also bringing a positive change in their mindset and attitude. The videos that have been produced as tutorials are a result of years of his service as a Marine Engineer in the Shipping Industry.

Praneet takes personal interests in the career of young students and inspires them to give their best and attain their complete potential. He loves conducting seminars and interacting with students.

In the last three years, he has conducted seminars in over 100 schools and colleges across Uttarakhand. He has even conducted seminars at a few Maritime Colleges.

Praneet is a keen follower of a wide range of sports and is happiest watching cricket or tennis on television. He also enjoys listening to music and is an avid reader of motivational books.



To be HONEST, while guiding people.

To be FEARLESS when creating a transparent World.

To take any possible INITIATIVE in
creating a proud and unified marine community.


To create a proud and unified Marine community where
transparency and right guidance is easily available.