About Us

We are problem solvers! At Merchant Navy Decoded, we understand the challenges faced by aspiring mariners and seafarers. That is why we aim to bring the best Maritime Trainers together through our platform, creating an environment where individuals grasp the importance of continuous learning and receive up-to-date content relevant to the modern Maritime Industry

Merchant navy decoded helps Merchant Navy Aspirants in every step of their journey, from how to join the Merchant Navy to qualifying different important examinations, selecting the right college, securing sponsorship, and finally obtaining employment in the right company. Our platform is designed to be your go-to place for learning about qualifications, certifications, and life at sea. We are committed to promoting excellence, safety, and sustainability in the maritime world

Merchant Navy Decoded is also committed to supporting existing Merchant Navy Professionals at every stage of their professional journey. Through our skill enhancement programs, financial guidance, job portal, course portal, insurance options, and ship to shore transition resources, we strive to empower seafarers and facilitate their success both at Sea and Ashore

Whether you are starting your journey or looking to enhance your career, join us as we explore the exciting opportunities that the Merchant Navy has to offer

Mission Satatement

Empowering merchant navy aspirants and existing seafarers with right guidance and honest information that is easily accessible. Building trust and empowering seafarers with the resources they need to excel in their careers and become future maritime leaders

Vision Statement

To establish a Marine Community that is characterised by pride and unity, thereby fostering an environment of transparency. Through our commitment to problem-solving, Innovative learning solutions, and continuous improvement, we envision a thriving maritime community that embraces learning, embraces progress, and leads the way in shaping the future of the Maritime Industry