UK CoC | A Complete Guide 

1. UK CoC Overview

  • UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) is a prestigious certificate of competency in the maritime industry, it is essential for career advancement in the merchant navy.
  • UK CoC helps you open doors to higher-ranking positions like 3rd or 4th Engineer, marking a significant progression in one’s career in the merchant navy.
  • GP-rating personnel have specialized knowledge and skills, enabling them to handle greater responsibilities at sea.
  • Engineers enjoy higher salaries and better compensation packages with the UK CoC, becoming valuable assets to shipping companies.
  • UK Coc is the stepping stone towards leadership roles like Chief Engineer/ Captain, overseeing the entire engineering department and the ship.

2. GP Rating to Officer/Engineer

Ready to become an Engineer / Officer from GP Rating? Check out the guide by Merchant Navy Decoded

GP Rating To UK CoC Guidance Series

Step 1: Research and Choose

Select a college offering the CoC program of your interest. Colleges such as the City of Glasgow College, South Shield Marine School, Gamma Marine Training Institute, and Fleetwood Nautical Campus in the United Kingdom are the suggested colleges.

Step 2: Document Required

  • Deposit Enrollment Form: Enrollment form will cost you around 1000 Great Britain Pound (GBP)
  • Passport copy 
  • Continuous discharge certificate copy 
  • Bridge watchkeeping Certificate: 6-month bridge watchkeeping certificate of 12 months sea time (copy of bridge watchkeeping certificate)
  • Certificate of Proficiency copy 
  • Course Certificate: PST, FPFF, EFA, PSSR, Ship Security (STSDSD) certificate copy 
  • Sea testimonial onboard
  • Company letter you had sailed with

Step 3: The College will check your eligibility

Step 4: After the eligibility criteria you will receive a formal Letter of Acceptance if admitted.

Step 5: Student Visa Application

Once you’ve received confirmation of your acceptance from the college, proceed to apply for a student visa if you’re an international student.

Step 6: Tuition and fees payment and seat confirmation

Step 7: Submitting your NOE application for UK CoC

Step 8: Application review by UK MCA

The government authority, such as the UK MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency), reviews your NOE application. UK government authorities will ensure that all required documents and information are in order.

Step 9: Approval and confirmation of NOE

After reviewing, the authorities may either approve your NOE application, If your application is approved, you will receive the NOE. NOE will officially confirm your eligibility to undertake the oral exam in the UK.

Step 10: Booking the oral exam

NOE will help you provide the link or follow the specified process to book your oral exam slot. This step allows you to schedule the examination at a suitable time.

Step 11: Oral Exam

Once you schedule a date for oral the examination assesses your understanding of maritime concepts, and regulations, and your ability to apply this knowledge in practical scenarios.

Step 12: Result

Successful candidates may proceed to the next phase of obtaining their Certificate of Competency (CoC), while others may receive guidance on areas for improvement.

3. UK CoC Eligibility 

Eligibility criteria for GP Rating to become 3rd officer in the UK:

36 months at sea as deck ratings of OS, AB, Pump Man and Bosun.
You should be gaining sea time on a foreign going (FG) vessel that is at least 80 gross tons (80 Grt) and 24 meters long overall (LOA). 
In the past 12 months, you should have at least 6 months of experience according to your navigational watchkeeping certificate.

Eligibility criteria for GP Rating to become 4th engineer in the UK:

24-month sea time as engine rating with watch-keeping certificate (motorman, fitter and oiler)
Motorman and oiler watchkeeping certificate IV(B)
Fitter-watch keeping certificate (IV C)

4. UK CoC Syllabus

UK CoC Syllabus

4.1 Exam to Become 3rd Officer with UK CoC

  • Higher National Certification (100 Marks including MCQ, Long and Short answers)
  • Signal Exam ( Navigation, Stability, and Cargo work)
  • Oral Exam ( Part A and Part B)

4.2 Exam to Become 4th Engineer with UK CoC

  • Semester 1: Science A and Science B
  • Semester 2: Control Science, GK and workshop 

5. Best UK Colleges for GP Rating to Become an Officer or Engineer

best colleges for GP Rating to become an Engineer with UK CoC.

There are only a few colleges that provide a quality education and in which you can trust:

  • City of Glasgow
  • South Shield Marine School
  • Gamma Marine Training Institute
  • Fleetwood Nautical Campus

Complete information about these colleges is given in a separate ‘UK CoC Colleges blog‘ that will walk you through the complete information regarding these colleges.

6. UK CoC VS Indian CoC: Which is better?

Indian CoC vs UK CoC

In the merchant navy, the UK CoC and Indian CoC stand out as a preferred choice among certificates from various nations because of the country’s standards of certifying seafarers. Previously, CoCs from Singapore, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom were all similarly priced. While historically, the UK CoC was considered relatively expensive, today its cost is comparable to others.

However, what truly distinguishes the UK CoC is its credibility. Companies now strongly prefer both UK and India CoCs for their reliability and trustworthiness. Interestingly, while the Indian CoC holds equal value, the global demand for UK-issued certificates remains higher.

7. UK CoC Courses Fees to Become 3rd Officer

7.1 UK CoC course fees (Directly from the UK)

Expense CategoriesCost in GBPCost in INR
IELTS363 GBP₹36,351.58
Enrollment Fee (1000 GBP+ 8145 GBP)9145 GBP₹9,145,000
Maintenance Funds for Visa (1023*9) GBP 9207 GBP₹9,20,700
Living Expenses (Monthly)200-300 GBP₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Chest Report25 GBP₹2,500.00
Flight Ticket250- 500 GBP₹25,000 – ₹50,000
UK Student Visa1100 GBP₹1,10,000
Total20290-20640 GBP₹20,29,000- ₹20,64,000

Here’s the breakdown of expenses in both GBP and INR (GBP = 100 INR)

7.2 UK CoC Courses fees (Blended Program UK + India)

Expense CategoriesCost in GBPCost in INR
IELTSNot RequiredNot Required 
Enrollment Fee8025 GBP₹8,02,500
Maintenance Funds for Visa (1023*9) GBP 9207 GBP₹9,20,700
Living Expenses (Monthly)200-300 GBP₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Chest ReportNot RequiredNot Required
Flight Ticket250- 500 GBP₹25,000 – ₹50,000
UK Visitor u Visa130- 400GBP₹13,000- ₹40,000
Total17,812- 18,432 GBP₹17,81,200- ₹18,43,200

Here’s the breakdown of expenses in both GBP and INR (GBP = 100 INR)

8. UK CoC Courses Fees To Become 4th Engineer

8.1 UK CoC course fees (Directly from the UK) 

Expense CategoriesCost in GBPCost in INR
LOA and MNTB TAR book150 GBP₹15,000
Course Fees ( Science A & Science B)2895 GBP₹2,89,500
Course Fees (Control )495 GBP₹49,500
Workshop2895 GBP₹2,89,500
Maintenance Funds for Visa (1023*6) GBP 6138 GBP₹6,13,800
Living Expenses (Monthly)200-300 GBP₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Chest Report (Tuberculosis  report )25 GBP₹2,500
Flight Ticket250- 500 GBP₹25,000 – ₹50,000
UK Student Visa1100 GBP₹1,10,000
Total15,500-15,853 GBP₹15,50,000- ₹15,85,300

Here’s the breakdown of expenses in both GBP and INR (GBP = 100 INR)

8.2 UK CoC Courses fees (Blended Program UK + India)

Expense CategoriesCost in GBPCost in INR
LOA and MNTB TAR book207 GBP₹20,700
Course Fees ( Science A & Science B)1200 GBP₹1,20,000
Course Fees (Control )150 GBP₹15,000
Workshop 1 + coaching 2629 GBP₹2,62,900
Workshop 2 (UK)1000 GBP₹1,00,000
Maintenance Funds for Visa (1023*3) GBP 6138 GBP₹6,13,800
Chest Report (Tuberculosis  report )25 GBP₹2,500
Flight Ticket250- 500 GBP₹25,000 – ₹50,000
UK Visa130-400 GBP₹13,000- ₹40,000
Total11,729-12,249 GBP₹11,72,900- ₹12,24,900

Here’s the breakdown of expenses in both GBP and INR (GBP = 100 INR)

9. Challenges Faced by GP Rating to Become an Officer or Engineer

Challenges faced by the GP rating in the united kingdom?

It can be not easy when trying to become an officer in the UK while you live far away from home. But these are the obstacles you must overcome to succeed as an officer or engineer. It takes more than just putting in a lot of effort and dedication.

You have to show discipline and respect. Because, as you may be aware, you are representing India, not just yourself. 

Become an officer in the UK by working hard, remaining committed, maintaining discipline, and treating people with respect—all of which Merchant Navy Decoded will help you overcome.

Communication BarrierTake extra classes to improve your English skills, both in spoken and written forms. 
Practice conversing with colleagues and locals to get accustomed to the accent and language nuances.
Difficulty in Understanding AccentAttend additional accent training sessions to familiarize yourself with different accents. 
Utilize online resources, audiobooks, and movies to expose yourself to diverse accents and improve your comprehension over time.
Cooking ChallengeLearn cooking skills before heading to the UK to save money on food expenses. 
No Work Permit During CollegeFocus on your studies and utilize this time to build a strong foundation for your career. 
Financial PreparednessCarry sufficient funds to cover living expenses. 
Plan your budget wisely, considering accommodation, food, transportation, and other essentials.

For more information click on this blog:

Top Problem GP Rating face to become an officer from UK CoC.

10. What If you Fail 2nd Mate Exam in UK CoC?

If you do not pass an examination in the UK to become a third officer or fourth engineer, you will be required to stay for an additional month. Failing each test can cost you an additional £100-£270. Retaking tests is critically important but it requires extra time and money. It may feel difficult at first, but with each attempt, you learn and improve. So, even if it’s difficult, each retake is like investing in yourself and your future as an engineer in the UK. You’re almost there—just keep going!

11. Conclusion 

Merchant Navy 2024
  • In conclusion, obtaining a UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) has significance for progression in the merchant navy, providing access to higher-level positions such as 3rd or 4th Engineer. 
  • Despite challenges such as communication barriers and financial readiness, the UK CoC offers wealthy job opportunities and a global reputation. Along the way, Merchant Navy Decoded offers priceless advice. 
  • Every step forward, especially in the face of setbacks, represents progress toward professional development. 
  • Individuals with determination and resilience can progress from GP grade to officer or engineer, securing a bright future in the competitive world of maritime affairs.

Disclaimer :- The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Merchant Navy Decoded. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and disclaim any responsibility for it. Data and visuals used are sourced from publicly available information and may not be authenticated by any regulatory body. Reviews and comments appearing on our blogs represent the opinions of individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Merchant Navy Decoded. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on these reviews or comments.

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